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Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. Bosnia and Hercegovina firmly believes that a quality of busi- ness relationship and trust given to us by our clients are the main values which we should be constantly and devotedly enhancing. Programme “Listening 100%” is created in order for us to put our words into practice and its primary goal is to achieve better understanding of the needs of our clients. Telephone survey named “Listening 100%” is still an ongoing project since we wish to improve our services and develop them in the best way on the basis of the comments and suggestions made by our clients, thus assuring long-term cooperation, founded on trust and personal satisfaction of every individual client. If we make a telephone call to you, please dedicate a few minutes of your time and at- tention to express your opinion about our Bank and services we provide. Your opinion will be a tremendous contribution to our effort to achieve our goal – the improvement of our products and quality of services. If you have any doubts considering the Survey, you can contact our employees in branch- es and they will give you all the necessary information.

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