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What is ISP ELBA service?

Electronic banking service – ISP ELBA, is the Bank's information service allowing a user to conduct financial transactions and view account balance via the global computer network – the Internet.

The following activities are available through ISP ELBA:

  • access to all products used at ISP Bank (accounts, savings, loans and cards)
  • payment services in the country and abroad
  • money transfer services and conversions
  • managing samples and packages and
  • a number of additional features and benefits.

How to become a user of ISP ELBA services?

You can become a user of ISP ELBA services in a very simple way:

  • visit our nearest Branch,
  • show an ID document (personal ID or passport)
  • open a current account if you don’t already have an active account 
  • sign an Application for agreeing on the use of ISP ELBA service and
  • sign a confirmation on received token, provided by the Bank.

Any natural person who has a current account at the Bank and who satisfies the minimum technical requirements needed to access the system, including a computer and Internet access, may become an ISP ELBA user.

Advantages of using ISP ELBA services

  • Easy to use and management of funds at any moment
  •  Access to all account balances
  • Save your time ↔ save your money

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