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What is ISP SMS service?

ISP SMS is the Bank's information service enabling a user to receive information on the balance and changes on his/her account via mobile of landline telephone, as well as conducting financial transactions per user’s request.  
All information about user’s account are received directly through user’s mobile or landline phone, so that the user is maximally aware of the state of his account while spending the least possible usage of time. 

Services offered through ISP SMS

ISP SMS provides:

  • information about current account balance after each change,
  • conducting financial transactions, per user’s request, through ISP SMS service for accounts specified in advance on the Application
  • receiving Bank’s promotional messages.

How to become a user of ISP SMS services?

You can become a user of ISP ELBA services in a very simple way:

  • visit our nearest Branch,
  • show an ID document (personal ID or passport)
  • open a current account if you don’t already have an active account  and
  • sign an Application for agreeing on the use of ISP SMS service.

Any natural person who has a current account at the Bank and has a mobile or landline phone and a valid phone number through one of the operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina or abroad may become an ISP SMS user.

Advantages of using ISP ELBA services

  • you may get information about the funds on your account at any time
  • settle your due obligations by sending an  SMS
  • save your time ↔ save your money

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